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Annual Control Service

Our Control Service Policy gives you protection against termite infestation and damage, protecting your investment and giving you peace of mind. 

What is an Annual Control Service Policy? Take a look at the protection and benefits you will receive when you sign up:

Annual Inspection
For an annual fee we check your house once a year.  Our office staff will contact you when your annual inspection is due and will schedule a convenient time for your thorough inspection.  We will check for Wood Destroying Pests and Organisms, as well as conditions that could lead to infestation or infection.  

Free treatment
Should infestation from termites be discovered during your annual inspection, localized treatments will be performed at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE to you.

Home Maintenance
During the course of your Annual Control Service Inspection we will look for problems such as dry rot, wood boring beetles, fungus or plumbing leaks and make note of them in your annual inspection report.   This will allow you to address these conditions before they become major problems.

Annual Control Service Policy Requirements

If the protection of a Control Service Policy is of interest to you, please contact our office. A complete Wood Destroying Pests and Organisms inspection will need to be performed at your property prior to issuance of your policy, and all wood destroying infestation and damage (if any) will need to be remedied.   Don't let the unknown affect your home equity.  Sign up for an Annual Control Service Policy, and let us give you the confidence and peace of mind that comes along with it!