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Preparation for an Inspection

There is little needed to be done to prepare for an inspection. It is not necessary for anyone to be present on the day of the inspection. We do ask that if no one is going to be present that a key be left available for the inspector to gain access to the interior of the home.

Crawl spaces below the house and attics will be checked as well. If there are any obstacles obstructing these entrances we ask that they be cleared. Cluttered rooms can lead to limited inspections so if furniture and items can be moved from the walls this would be greatly appreciated and guarantee a full report.

We also ask that if there is any evidence of termite damage or droppings that you do not attempt to clean up or cover the areas. This will help us determine the proper treatment necessary to terminate your infestation. Some termite infestations are isolated and only require a spot treatment for proper control. Let you inspector know about any locations that you have seen droppings, they may be able to treat it with out tent fumigation!