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Morales Exterminating Company

Got Termites?

Morales Exterminating Company was established in 2001 with a very simple goal:  to provide thorough termite detection and elimination services for clients in Los Angeles and the surrounding counties.  We get rid of termites and ensure that they do not come back.

As a smaller company we are able to provide a level of individualized service that others simply cannot match.  Owner/Operator Robert Morales brings more than two decades of industry experience to each and every job.

Morales Exterminating Company is fully licensed and bonded.  Not all exterminators are – check before you hire anyone else.

Don't Let Termites Eat You Out of House and Home
Termites are nature’s recyclers. They break down cellulose from fallen trees and decomposing wood and return it to the soil.  Of course, we don't want termites to recycle our houses.  According to Common Sense Pest Control the annual cost of termite damage and treatments exceeds one billion dollars.




Morales Exterminating Company